How to make your beloved ones enthusiastic about sustainable Christmas?

It is coming slowly but surely just like the winter from Game of Thrones. That time of the year that you were so excited about as a child and which you are afraid of as a an adult. Here it comes. A slight stress beforehand, a massive gluttony afterwards. Piles of Christmas wrapping paper, shower gels, synthetic socks, ceramic dust-catchers...God bless Christmas in the family circle!

Maybe it doesn't have to be this way though. How about trying to inspire your relatives to a different Christmas scenario? To choose different presents, focusing on the quality and usefulness instead of quantity? Here's a couple of tips how you can tell them, without making them angry. :)

1. Speak constructively

The most important and at the same time the most difficult one. Formulate the phrases positively and focus on the future. Instead of "we got so many useless things last year", try to say something like this: " A couple of little gifts would make me happy this year." Of course, it is good to have a small list of your actual wishes. Also, don't forget to mention what you do like on the existing Christmas, especially to your mum or grandma.

2. Write a letter

You can opt for a more funny form and write a letter for Ježíšek/Santa. Like that you will avoid fake emotions while unwrapping something unwanted. You will save a lot of time and stress to your relatives and maybe you will even start a new family tradition.

3. Find allies

„What if instead of buying new stuff, we swap what we already have this year?" I asked my sister-in-law last week, feeling insecure. "That's a great idea, I'm in!" In a few minutes we agreed on giving each other the surplus things we have at home. If you know that your mum will be strictly against, start with someone more open minded. Maybe it will work as an inspiration for the rest of the family for next year.

4. Inspire

Simply send them a couple of tips on sustainable gifts from Pinterest or share our #minimumwaste tips (see below). Or, go for a walk in frozen Prague and stop by our shop where you can have a cup of coffee in a nice, minimalist environment while choosing the right waste-reducing present.

5. Give it time

More conservative household members will have hard time digesting this suggestion. Always remember that your change into a "sustainable me" didn't happen overnight either. Try to set an example and show a possible way . You will see that it's contagious and that every year, Christmas will be one step closer to the minimalist ideal.

Tips for #minimumwaste Christmas gifts

Merry waste-free Christmas!

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