Salad in winter without useless packaging?

Aktualizováno: 20. 5. 2020

What to do when you want to eat a salad in winter, but there's no other option than the one from the supermarket packaged in plastic? We have three #minimumwaste tips for you!

1. On the window

Have you also tried to sprout cress on a wet piece of cotton in school? (a typical school activity here in Czechia). You can repeat what you've learnt with other plants, too. You just need a tray or a plate and wet cotton wool. Scatter the seeds (ideal is e.g. arugula) on the cotton wool, place it on a warm, sunny spot (ideally on the window) and wait. You will be able to taste the first leaves in two weeks.

2. Click & Grow

Another option are smart plant pots from Click & Grow, which we have in Minimum Waste and we are currently growing arugula and basil in it. We can confirm, that the plants grow in the nutrients-rich substrate quite abundantly and fast. The good thing is that you can grown your plants basically anywhere - even in a total darkness! The plants get light from the LED lamp, which is turned on automatically every 12 hours. Except for the artificial light, the growth is natural, without pesticides and other chemical substances But nothing is perfect, not even here. :-) The setback of these pots is the packaging of the seeds, which makes it less minimum waste. The small plastic capsules claim to be biodegradable, but as we know, bioplastics only decompose in an industrial compost. However, it's hard to say what is environmentally worse - the plastic packaging of a mixed salad from the supermarket or plastic packaging of the seed capsules.

3. Hydroponics

Have you heard about underground farms, where vegetables grow in a nutritious solution under a LED light, everything is managed by a computer and water circulates in a closed system? This is not a sci-fi, but reality from Holešovice, Prague! You can have a salad from a "computer farm" e.g. in Paralelní polis, where they grow it in a special box right under the counter. ( You can also get microherbs grown this way from Herba Fabrica. Hydroponic agriculture is a bit complex, but it seems to be much more ecological than the conventional practices. It only requires a minimum amount of water and space and the plants grow 2,5x faster and without chemistry.

If all your windows are north-oriented and you are sceptical towards technology-grown salads, you can get your vitamin C dose like in the good old times: from pickled cabbage, which lasts in the pantry (almost) forever.

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