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Aktualizováno: 9. 4. 2019

German zero-waste organization and a former bistro shows that fighting against food waste can be creative, fun and foremost delicious.

We live in times of contradictions: according to the FAO world hunger is on the rise with more than one billion people who have to go hungry every day. But nonetheless one third of globally produced food (i.e. 1,3 billion tonnes per year) is thrown away. Food is wasted in many ways: fresh fruit/ vegetables that are deemed not aesthetically pleasing (e.g. too small, weird shape), food that is close to or at its expiry date or simply food that goes unused for too long (and thus moldy) or left over. Sounds familiar to you?

And this is not even taking into account the whole picture - once we acknowledge the pointlessness of the labour, water, energy and natural resources employed for the production of this thrown away food, it is a true walk of shame.

Restlos Gluecklich, a German association located in Berlin, wants to address exactly this issue with various projects such as cooking lessons with surplus food, educative projects or special themed dinners to make people value their food more. They want to show how easy, creative and also fun sustainable consumption can be.

Foto: RESTLOS GLUECKLICH/Felix Joris Patzschke

The best: at their events, they themselves never know what they will cook or what ingredients they will get beforehand. Restlos Gluecklich uses solely ingredients that are ’unusable’, for instance ugly carrots or slightly dented potatoes, food in short that is not easily sold and might otherwise end up as food waste. They get it twice a week from a German organic retail chain.

The team transforms it into creative dishes. A small taste of their dinner menu can for instance reveal a ginger-sweet potato soup with a potato gratin, grilled broccoli in vegetable sauce and tofu-mangold rolls as the main course. And for dessert? Blueberry cake with cream. Sounds good?


Not only as food-lovers, but also fighters for a more sustainable consumption, we decided to invite this great organization to cook a three-course lunch here in Minimum Waste and tell us about what they do against food waste in person.

We can't wait to get inspired!

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