Planet hero: Second chance for coffee

Aktualizováno: 18. 9. 2019

Are you a coffee lover? If you're nodding right now while drinking that premium Arabica with a wonderful smell, you're the right person. And now - have you ever thought about what's happening with the used coffee sediment?

Coffee is considered to be the most popular beverage in the world - every day, up to 3 billion cups are drunk. Approximately 90% of coffee is grown in the developing countries and the demand keeps rising. The amount of coffee waste in form of sediment is growing hand in hand with the consumption.

The fact that the most of German coffee waste ends up in the mixed waste trash cans caused a large headache to Julian Lechner. This product designer from Berlin then started to think about a way to transform the coffee houses' waste to a material and create something useful from it. The development of Kaffeeform took Julian and his team 3 years and gave origin to a high quality durable material used to manufacture amazing coffee cups with great design in a sustainable way.

The story of Kaffeeform starts at the moment when a group of German cyclists goes for a ride through Berlin in order to pick up the coffee waste from partner coffee houses and roasteries. The waste is then gathered in a small sheltered workshop, where it is dried and gently conserved. The material then travels to small factories where already mentioned cups and mugs come to life giving the coffee waste a second chance.

The Kaffeeform cups are dishwasher safe, surprisingly lightweight and have an incredible coffee scent - hurry up and breathe in the original smell of the cups in our Minimum Waste shop in Prague! But please be aware of the risk that you might be taking one of these coffee beauts home with you! :-)

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