Minimum waste-maximum taste recipes

In the beginning of April, we organized another event from the "Minimum waste-maximum taste" series, this time with guests all the way from Berlin. Chef and food designer Inés Lauber came to cook for us, along the zero-waste bistro and NGO Restlos Gluecklich, who fights against food waste. We are bringing you the recipes, that we used for cooking "from waste and without waste."

Fried peels and scraps

When you eat potatoes and other root veggies, the peels usually end up in the bin. But that’s actually quite wasteful, especially because most of the vitamins are directly under the peel.








When peeling the potatoes, beetroot and other roots, we keep the peels to turn them into delicious chips. Of course you need to wash the veggies very well (brush with veggie brush) before peeling.

Slowly heat the pot filled with a ca. 7-10 cm deep layer of oil. Careful: don’t let it boil.

With the slotted spoon place the peels in the hot oil for frying, Once crispy, place on a plate layered with paper towels and sprinkle salt on it.

Fattouch salad

Fattouch Salad is a Lebanese peasant salad. It’s a simple dish, but wonderfully refreshing and flavourful because of the spices used - Sumach and Pomegranate give this dish a tangy note and special twist. Another, equally important part of the dish, are roasted pieces of pita bread. We replaced them with a few days old Czech bread, which we used to make delicious croutons. They were just as good as the roasted pita!


Roman lettuce

Fresh mint



Red onion /shallot/




Olive oil


Pomegranate syrup

White wine vinegar

Old bread


Wash all veggies. Let salad and mint strain and rip them into pieces.

Dice tomatoes, slice onions, cucumbers and radishes. Mix all vegetables in a bowl.

Cut the bread into slim slices and halves or quarters. Roast the bread with some oil in the pan.

Mix all the ingredients for the dressing in a bowl and whisk until it emulsifies.

Mis the bread under the vegetables, add the dressing and serve.

From roots to stalks

Why do we only eat the roots of certain vegetables and grow the others for their leaves? Why do we buy chard and eat the leaves while throwing away the leaves of a beet root – it’s the same family of plants… living in a world of overproduction, we have forgotten to value every single piece of food. But the less known parts are actually the more interesting ones – for creativity and flavour!