Minimum Waste kinda Christmas

Christmas is here! They came to Minimum Waste, too. Christmas mood, punch, Christmas tree, gift wrapping...

We did everything in the minimum waste style, of course.

Why buying an actual tree when we have this cute vintage ladder in the basement?! We only needed to get some lights, decorations and voilá.

Same goes for the wrapping paper - why buying it when we have a bunch of grocery paper bags, paper filling from the e-shop boxes, posters that we were given but have no usage for them, newspapers…

Tereza added some of her old clothes that she doesn’t wear anymore. 

The result was better than we expected and so we organized a Christmas gift wrapping workshop with Envirostyl. 

The participants left with their gifts wrapped in brown paper cut from huge paper sacks that we got from bakeries and restaurants. They get flour and other ingredients in them and normally they would end up in the trash. But our guests gave them a second life. 

Gifts are wrapped, punch drank and so all we can do now is to wish for peaceful Christmas holidays and less waste in 2019. 

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