How to minimize waste in your bathroom?

Is your bathroom zero-waste? Or are you still throwing away half-empty shower gels and have an excessive amount of never opened creams on your shelf? If the second option sounds more likely, you’re at the right place! Today, we focus on decluttering your bathroom from useless products and how to save your budget and nature while not sacrificing your pamper routine.

Let’s start with a small inventory: feel free to list all the products you have. Evaluate each item critically and then choose 5 to 8 of the products you cannot live without (use up or donate the rest of them and stop buying them). Minimalism, remember! Try not to give in to the advertisements and articles in women magazines. You will most certainly survive without this "must have" and that "essential."

Next step is to do a research and try to find a high-quality, reusable and ideally also locally produced alternatives to your essential needs – google, read the reviews, visit packaging-free shops, try and smell different products. We’re sure that you’ll find your new sustainable bathroom companions in a very short time!

Now, how to replace the products that we use the most with a more sustainable alternative?


Luckily, the market is overflowing with a huge range of different natural soaps of all possible colours and scents, so you won’t have a problem finding a package-free alternative both for your body and face. In Minimum Waste, we have this black delicacy great for cleaning your skin.

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Anyone who has already discovered the bamboo brush is on a good path – just be aware that it doesn’t always have to be fully compostable (some of them have nylon bristles which cannot decompose). You can buy the toothpaste in your local package-free shop or you can try to make one yourself! You can find inspiration here.


The no-poo method doesn’t attract you? Never mind – you can find many solid shampoo bars in the shops, either in the packaging-free shops or e.g. Lush. It's just about trying and finding out what suits you personally. You can even buy a solid hair conditioner. Another option is to try an apple cider vinegar – your hair will look great and shiny!

Make-up remover pads

Women will surely confirm, that single-use cotton pads make up for the most of the bathroom waste. Yet the solution is so simple - use a washable cotton pad instead! Our manager Tereza loves these velvety ones, because they are really soft and feel gentle on your skin. After removing the make-up, simply wash the pad with a little bit of soap or add it to your laundry.

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