How to make your coffee ritual more sustainable

Let's be honest - drinking coffee won't probably ever be 100% sustainable. Not even if we buy fair trade and organic coffee only. We can't do much about the fact that coffee beans always travel a long distance to get to our cup (usually from Central and South America). The only solution to reduce the ecological footprint would be to stop drinking this magical beverage - but who would do that?! Nevertheless, we at Minimum Waste believe, that it makes sense to always look for "cleaner" ways of coffee consumption.

Coffee grounds - the black gold

Let's take a look on the coffee grounds that are automatically thrown into the trash bin after every espresso. Trash bins for biological waste are still not a trend in Czechia, although coffee waste is a great addition to your compost. It can also be used as a biofuel, agricultural substrate or as a substance for DYI cosmetics. The more creative ones can try to make this scrub after finishing their cup of coffee.

Coffee grounds can be turned into a high-quality and durable materials, as shows Kaffeeform. You can read more about their cups from coffee in our previous article.

Controversial capsules

It's been a trend until recently and everybody was just digging George Clooney in the ad. Don't act like you don't know what we're talking about - it's the capsule coffee machine! Practical helper in your kitchen, but when it comes to sustainability, it's rather a wrecker. If your household has been captured by this trend (or was it Clooney?), it wouldn't be very sustainable to throw away a functional machine. Don't get sad, there is a way how to make capsule ritual less harmful to the environment . The solution has a form of a stainless steel reusable capsules, compatible with Nespresso and Dolce Gusto. You can find them in our little store, of course.

On the go with style and without waste

You've probably heard that the take away cups are made from paper with a waterproof plastic layer, which makes them an unrecyclable evil. Take away beverages are more and more popular, which equals more cups in the trash bins. Luckily, more and more people start realizing that this is not very sustainable and therefore buy their own reusable cup. Besides, coffee tastes better from your own container, doesn't it? There's a wide range of stylish coffee cups to choose from nowadays. Our favorites are the already mentioned Kaffeeform - coffee cups made from coffee and RCup - cups made from recycled take-away cups.

And what if you forget your cup at home? No worries, Otoč kelímek is now in more than 360 coffeeshops in the Czechia! You just pay the deposit and then return the cup in the nearest café involved.

No matter if it's in the morning to wake up, after work to calm down or during an afternoon chat - enjoy your coffee and don't forget to be #minimumwaste! :-)

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