Become a minimalist (and forget about Marie Kondo)

Aktualizováno: 20. 5. 2020

„Love people, use things. The opposite never works.“ (The Minimalists)

Are you playing with the idea of minimalism, but you aren't quite sure yet? Or are you on the way to a more minimalist self already and you would love to find new sources of inspiration? We thought that a little summary of the most interesting minimalist influencers might be useful. Surprisingly, we didn’t even need to dig abroad.

Every person mentioned is an original, although they all have one thing in common. We are obliged to start with the true minimalism gurus:

The Minimalists

Former successful and rich young Americans who found the real happiness only when they got almost nothing. Today, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus inspire tens of millions people in the whole world about how to live a more meaningful life with less things. If you are subscribed to Netflix, watch the „Minimalism - a Documentary about the Important Things“, documentary, instead of the „Tidying up with Marie Kondo“ famous cleaning series. Just bear in mind that your enthusiasm about minimalism will rise up about 300% after watching. Don't forget to look at their phenomenal website and read a few „minimal maxims.“

Alvin Korčák

Those who managed to come to Alvin's presentation here in Minimum Waste last October, surely didn't regret. Alvin is an analytical type of person, which always comes up with many numbers and data, but stays incredibly fun at the same time. He is the co-founder of a Czech minimalist festival, occasional blogger ( and a marketing professional in the field of circular economy. He emphasizes not to create emotional connections to material things and believes that having good friends, a meaningful job and a quality relax time is what really makes us happy.

Patrik Zouhar

Did you have only one pair of trousers in kindergarten already, you avoid shopping malls and you are an adventurer by nature? Then you might like a bit more radical approach to minimalism, promoted by Patrik Zouhar - a guy from Brno who lives on 4 square meters, meditates in an ice cold water and likes to hike 200km in Canadian wilderness full of bears. Besides, he like to present in public and offers courses on his website

Aneta Raketa

If, however, you love shopping and you are scared that minimalism would be painful for you, check out Aneta's blog called You will see, that even a former shopaholic can become a minimalist. Aneta's writing style is very relaxed and humble, which makes you feel that you're talking to an "ordinary girl" which is not scared to share even the moments when she actually wanted to forget about minimalism.

„So, what's wrong with Marie?"

Nothing against her cleaning techniques. They might actually be quite useful for minimalist beginners. But among all the emotions, nicely folded clothes and recovered relationships, Marie Kondo only temporarily softens the symptoms of consumerism, but doesn't heal its causes. Besides, with the things that spark joy mantra this tiny Japanese only encourages our obsession with material things.

Real minimalism isn't about one-time sweeping of all the redundant things. If we don't completely switch our thinking, our households will soon flourish with pretty, yet useless things (e.g. those from Marie's new e-shop). In comparison with the actual minimalists, Marie Kondo is nothing more than a sophisticated cleaner, who can brilliantly capitalize on the pseudo-philosophy.

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