6 tips how to minimise waste

We believe that today’s consumption based on the comfort of the single-use products is not sustainable in the long term. It results in enormous amounts of waste that we don’t know what to do with. Luckily, there are some easy steps that we can do as individuals to reduce waste. 

1. Shopping bag 

Why would you take a brand new plastic/paper bag every time you go to do your groceries? Buy your own, reusable one and take it with you! Preferably a cotton one, because it lasts long and can carry heavy weights. Polyester seems to be a good option, too, according to a brand new LCA study: https://plus.rozhlas.cz/igelitova-nebo-papirova-nakupni-taska-nejlepsi-volbou-je-polyester-tvrdi-vedci-z-7717953

2. Produce bags and bread bags

Plastic bags for fruits and veggies are very thin, so they can’t do much bad, can they? Well, then count all the bags that you’ve used in one year. And then imagine all the other people who use them, too and you end up with a rather high number. They can be replaced by cotton net bags or the Czech made Frusack bags. 

Similarly to fruits and veggies, you can also put bread into your own cotton bag. It lasts almost forever and you can simply throw the crumbs out or wash it.

3. Bulk shopping

It seems like a new packaging-free store pops out nearly every day here in Czechia! With more and more conscious customers these are growing fast. If you want to know whether there’s one nearby, look at this map. In these stores, you bring your own containers or bags into which you either scoop or pour the products. These are mostly dried goods such as pasta, rice, legumes, flours, spices, nuts, cereals etc. Some of these stores offer cosmetics and drugstore products, too. Not only you save a good amount of packaging, but you can choose the exact amount that you want, which reduces the food waste.

4. Water bottle 

It’s 30 degrees and you’re thirsty, so you buy a bottle of water in the nearest store. You drink the contents in a few minutes and voilá - here you are with an absolutely useless piece of waste! Invest in a good quality water bottle which you fill with tap water or other beverage and carry it with you. There’s a big variety of designs and materials nowadays, so you will surely be able to choose one. Our favorite is stainless steel, because it doesn’t retain any flavours or smell and it’s highly durable.

5. Coffee cup

Coffee to-go cups can’t be recycled (although many people think so), as they are made from paper, with a plastic layer on it which protects the beverage from leaking. Why contribute to the piles of waste created by the single-use coffee cups, when you can have your own? Most coffeeshops are totally fine with pouring your favorite beverage into it. As in the case of water bottles, coffee cups can be pretty cool and stylish, so it’s a pleasure to have it always with you! 

6. Packaging-free cosmetics

Why buying cosmetics packaged in (mostly) non-recyclable bottles when you can buy a packaging-free bar? A bar soap is a must and there’s quite a big variety of shampoo and conditioner bars, too.  Some brands offer even body or facial cream bars. 

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